Garden of the month and Garden Slide Shows

sembrar_220_146Need a little inspiration? Take a peak at a slide show… the ´Garden of the Month´ page where our members can display their pride and joy… sharing their garden pictures with others. Share your garden , with your comments, and we’ll create a slide show of your garden, or send us a link to your website or blog of garden pictures! You can Email us: … please put ´Garden Club´ as the subject, so we don’t delete your message as junk mail!


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Perennial Gardening

I started gardening after returning from vacation one summer, after I read a Horticulture Magazine, and purchased a ´water garden kit´, before water gardens became so popular. Everyone thought I was a little crazy… when I just started digging this hole (which turned out much smaller than I wanted, but digging in clay was no easy task)! Well, that was the beginning of my garden mania but it was such a joy… relieved the stress of my job, no phones in the garden please… and the pursuit of finding the right plants was a new shopping experience… not to mention the aches and pains that came with the task, but also whipped me into shape!

Purchased my first book after learning the hard way… I had ordered my ´dream garden´ from a catalog… the pictures were my dream! Well, when they arrived I was so disappointed, as the plants were little puny things and mostly bare roots, the weather was cold, gloomy, and raining… but I had to plant them (the instructions said as soon as possible) and that first year I just watered them and waited for them to grow!

I’ve taken the ´Master Gardener’s Classes´ and learned so much since those first days in my garden, still feeling the joy of Spring and still love playing in the mud!

So I’ll try to encourage you not to make the same mistakes I did, and will try to set you on the right path to successful gardening! Perennials make fine additions to your landscape borders or in a backyard garden you want to create for your private pleasure… and are supposed to come back the next growing season. Annuals are plants that do not ´come back´ next year. So here you will find some basic information on perennials… Long Blooming Perennials

New ideas for new pages…
Let’s keep it personal!
We’re assembling a photo archive of your gardens from around the world to share with others… so feel free to send us pictures of your garden or favorite plants, or pictures of plants that have exceeded expectations, with your story or a brief description of your photo.

You can Email us: Contact us … please put Garden Club as the subject, so we don’t delete your message as junk mail! Or you can upload your photos to your favorite photo site and just send us a link to your garden show. We do not share or sell your email address to anyone, and do not use your information except to list what you provided us in the contact form to be listed in the membership directory.

Feel free to tell us what you are looking for or interested in seeing here? We would like to expand based on information or resources that our members and visitors are requesting.

Used a Good Book Lately?
Email us to add your ‘nomination’ for the Good Books page.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” comes to mind, when I realize as you grow older and learn more, you start to understand how little you actually do know, or if you knew it, can still remember it! I’ve met some sharp gardeners, some who thought they knew it all and some I hope to learn half as much as they know. So that’s why my library is full of gardening books and save my gardening magazines for reference.


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