Garden of the month and Garden Slide Shows

sembrar_220_146Need a little inspiration? Take a peak at a slide show… the ´Garden of the Month´ page where our members can display their pride and joy… sharing their garden pictures with others. Share your garden , with your comments, and we’ll create a slide show of your garden, or send us a link to your website or blog of garden pictures! You can Email us: … please put ´Garden Club´ as the subject, so we don’t delete your message as junk mail!


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Perennial Gardening

I started gardening after returning from vacation one summer, after I read a Horticulture Magazine, and purchased a ´water garden kit´, before water gardens became so popular. Everyone thought I was a little crazy… when I just started digging this hole (which turned out much smaller than I wanted, but digging in clay was no easy task)! Well, that was the beginning of my garden mania but it was such a joy… relieved the stress of my job, no phones in the garden please… and the pursuit of finding the right plants was a new shopping experience… not to mention the aches and pains that came with the task, but also whipped me into shape!

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