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sembrar_220_146Need a little inspiration? Take a peak at a slide show… the ´Garden of the Month´ page where our members can display their pride and joy… sharing their garden pictures with others. Share your garden , with your comments, and we’ll create a slide show of your garden, or send us a link to your website or blog of garden pictures! You can Email us: … please put ´Garden Club´ as the subject, so we don’t delete your message as junk mail!


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Perennial Gardening

I started gardening after returning from vacation one summer, after I read a Horticulture Magazine, and purchased a ´water garden kit´, before water gardens became so popular. Everyone thought I was a little crazy… when I just started digging this hole (which turned out much smaller than I wanted, but digging in clay was no easy task)! Well, that was the beginning of my garden mania but it was such a joy… relieved the stress of my job, no phones in the garden please… and the pursuit of finding the right plants was a new shopping experience… not to mention the aches and pains that came with the task, but also whipped me into shape!

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Benefits of Anodized Cookware

Why Buy Anodized Cookware?

If you’ve been out shopping lately, you have probably seen the latest anodized pots and pans on display. However, you may not know exactly what anodized cookware is or what its benefits are.

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What Is Anodized Cookware

Anodized cookware is cookware that has been placed through a process called Anodization. Anodization is when you take aluminum or aluminum alloy and place it in a chemical electrolyte bath consisting of elements like sulfuric acid. Once it has been put in the bath, an electrical current is run through the bath. This will result in a corrosion resistant protective coating which will last for a long period of time. Usually with plain aluminum a thin protective layer is caused by air touching the aluminum. This thin layer helps the cookware resist rusting, pitting, and corrosion. But, as time goes by, this natural protective coating begins to deteriorate which means in time the cookware will pit and become useless. Not to mention, most alloy cookware’s natural protective coating is weaker. So if you want a cookware that can endure the most strenuous use of all cookware, you should go with hard anodized cookware. It is twice as strong as steel, making it practically nonporous and nonsticking.

80963_earthpanhalifestyle300pxBenefits of Anodized Cookware

Due to the anodization process, aluminum cookware has a hard inner layer and a sleek, non-stick surface. The non-stick surface does not discolor easily and doesn’t cause your food to have a strange flavor. Other benefits include: food won’t burn, easy to wash, easy to use, scratch resistant, retains heat, and doesn’t dent easily. Anodized cookware is also healthier for you. Due to the non-stick surface, you won’t need a lot of cooking fat when preparing a dish. Many cooks choose to use this cookware because of its functional features.

If you decide to purchase a set of anodized cookware, there are two things to look for in order to identify it. You should look for a dark grey finish and it should weigh much less than the other metal cookware sets available. Also, some well-known brands to look for are Calphalon One Infused cookware, Cuisinart brand, Emeril brand, and Kitchenaid Commercial cookware.

Why You Should Choose Enamel Cookware

Are you looking to replace your existing cookware set with a better set? Then you may want to consider enamel coated cookware. Enamel cookware is heavy metal cookware like cast iron which has been covered with a coating of porcelain enamel. Enamel is a nearly indestructible hard, smooth coating that is made from heating powdered glass to high temperatures. Enamel makes cookware not only attractive but functional. It enables cookware to perform at its best by taking a cookware’s disadvantages and making them advantages. This is why many professional cooks choose this cookware to prepare certain gourmet dishes.
You will find that enamel cookware has several advantages which include non-stick surface, does not rust, does not react with foods, highly durable, great heat transfer, and dishwasher safe. You will also notice that enamel cookware comes in a number of colors which range from red and blue to green. This is great for people would want cookware that cordinates with their kitchen’s decor. After using the cookware, you can display it from your hanging pot rack or from a mounted wall rack. Enameled cookware can also add color and style to any meal with its attractive colors.
When it comes to caring for your enameled cookware there are a few things to remember. One thing to keep in mind is despite the cookware’s durability, it is sensitive to abrupt changes in temperature and vulnerable to bending. Before washing your cookware, be sure it has cooled completely. When trying to remove food that has dried to the cookware, use a light intensity soap and soft sponge for scrubbing.
You will find when purchasing enamel cookware, there are an assortment of colors and brands one can choose from. Calphalon, Le Creuset, Cuisinart, Rachel Ray, Farberware, and Chantel are just some of the more popular brands you will find. You will also notice that these sets of cookware come in a vast price range. You can find these brands at an online store or a store in your local area that focuses on kitchenware.